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April 4, 2024

Procida in 3 days, Procida in 7 days

Thinking whether 1 day is enough to see Procida, or if you should stay longer? To help you choose the perfect holiday, we thought of a long weekend or week holiday in Procida to help you enjoy all the options.

What to do

Day 1

Arriving in Procida

We greet you at the pier in our vintage cars and take you to Camp Ciraccio or Camp La Caravella, where a refreshing lemonade is waiting for you.


Beach tour at Chiaiolella

Start discovering Procida with its beaches: Chiaiolella beach is a beautiful stretch, and here the sun shines all day until evening. There is no shortage of beach bar where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and enjoy views of Ischia and the island of Vivara.

Sunset view aperitif at Solarium Maresia

Beautiful lounge bar with garden overlooking the sea, swimming pool and whirlpool. Here the sunset aperitif is a must.

Our dinner recommendation: restaurant Vivara

Located a short distance from the Chiaiolella marina, Vivara offers seafood specialties with the freshest fish and an exclusive location, just a few meters from the shore.

Solarium Maresia: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33. Tel +39 0818101152

Ristorante Vivara: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 4. Tel. +39 0818960594

Day 2

Tour of the island with e-bikes

Rent our e-bikes, because Procida's climbs can be tiring!

Ride your bikes around the historical heart of the island, Terra Murata; visit Palazzo d'Avalos (all info here) and St. Michael's Abbey, an amazing jewel of religious architecture that spans two floors, one of which is entirely dedicated to a very valuable museum complex.

Our tip for a snack: a fritto or a sandwich at Assafà's

The red van has now become a symbol of the island, as have their street food delights, overlooking the picture-postcard panorama of Corricella and the Bay of Naples.

Day 3


Glamping and pool or solarium, lunch at our ristobar.

Relax and enjoy the tranquility of our resorts! Relaxing pool at La Caravella, sea-view solarium at Ciraccio. When it’s time for lunch, you'll find a light lunch menu at the ristobar with products that are always fresh and in season.


Boat excursion with tour of Procida, or kayak tour.

An occasion you absolutely cannot not miss: the tour of Procida by boat or, alternatively, by kayak. Both are experiences that will let you experience the true essence of the island, hunting for unforgettable views and crystal-clear coves that can only be reached by sea.

Almost all tours offer small tastings of typical products and bathroom stops at the most picturesque places.

Our dinner recommendations: restaurant La Pergola

You can't miss dinner here, sit outside under a roof of fragrant lemons and enjoy the best traditional Procidan dishes.

Ristorante la Pergola, via Salette, 10. Tel. +39 081 896 9918

What if we want to stay a week?

Great! Your visit to Procida will become an unforgettable vacation!

Day 4


A dip at Chiaia Bay

Very close to La Caravella resort, Chiaia Bay is an oasis of tranquility, with its placid waters and views of Vesuvius on the horizon

Our lunch tip: La Conchiglia restaurant.

Here you can enjoy a light snack or seafood dish at Tonino la Conchiglia, with a cool terrace overlooking the beach.

Ristorante La Conchiglia da Tonino, Discesa Graziella, Tel 081 896 7602


Visit to Corricella and shopping in Marina Grande

Take your time; this is the most picturesque area and the most popular with tourists and locals alike. Stroll slowly through the narrow streets and colorful houses and get lost among the many small craft stores. Find out more details here.

Our dinner recommendation: Caracalè Restaurant.

Fresh fish right on the Corricella seafront, not to be missed! We recommend making reservations but don't worry, you can ask our staff who will be happy to do it for you!

Ristorante Caracalè, Via Marina di Corricella, 62. Tel +39 081 896 9192

Day 5


Visit to the island of Vivara

An easy trek into the wilderness of Vivara, a protected natural oasis that can only be visited by reservation. You can find all the info here.

Our lunch recommendations: da Mariano restaurant.

Overlooking the small port of Chiaiolella, it is popular with locals and offers fresh homemade pasta dishes, fish and, highly recommended, lemon salad. The owner will always greet you with a smile!

Ristorante da Mariano, Via Marina Chiaiolella, 32. Tel. +39 081 896 7350


Relax at the Postino beach (Pozzo Vecchio)

Iconic beach where you can spend a few hours in the sun and relive some of the most exciting scenes from Troisi's famous film.

Our dinner tip: pizza from the Procida Camp & Resort

Start with an aperitif prepared with great creativity by our barmen, and treat yourself to a delicious homemade pizza in a dreamlike atmosphere of soft lighting and background music.

Day 6

Day at Ischia and thermal baths

The island of Ischia is easily reached from Procida in just 15 minutes by ferry. With a week to spare, spending a day in the wonderful hot springs of Ischia is an experience not to be missed. You can find out more about the island of Ischia by clicking here.

Day 7

Lemon grove tour and tasting

The Lubrano farm opens the doors of its lemon grove: 12,000 square meters of citrus grove and native vines, where the delicious limoncello and lemon cream is produced. During the guided tour the cultivation techniques are explained and at the end there will be a tasting of their products, which can also be purchased in the beautiful version with hand-painted bottles.

Azienda Agricola Lubrano, Via Regina Elena 20 (località Starza). Tel +39 081 8101348

Visit to the Silurenza Lighthouse and beach

A place to relax in contact with nature, the former Procida Lighthouse offers an unmissable panorama that embraces the infinite blue of the sea. Perfect for a moment of contemplation in one of the most fascinating places on the island. A short distance away, you can take a dip from the Cannone rock at Silurenza beach.

Our dinner recommendation: restaurant Lampara

We recommend booking in advance to secure a table on the beautiful veranda overlooking Corricella.

Ristorante Lampara, Via Marina di Corricella, 88. Tel. +39 081 896 0609

Day 8: departure from the Resort

Procida delights and final shopping

While waiting for the ferry, if you haven't already done so enjoy the Lingua di Bue at Bar Cavaliere or Bar Roma, both of which are a few minutes' walk from the landing stage. If you have a little extra time, don't pass up a trip to the Nutrimenti bookstore, to buy a book dedicated to Procida that will accompany you on your return trip, and that you can also leaf through at home, thus remembering the magical moments spent with us!

Bar Cavaliere, Via Roma, 42

Libreria Nutrimenti, Via Roma, 54

We hope you find our suggestions useful for visiting Procida in 3 days or a week! Come see us at Ciraccio and La Caravella, our glamping sites by the sea!

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