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June 22, 2023

Kayak in Procida: we tell you our experience

Procida is a small island but you will be amazed to see how much it has to offer: Toursby bike and on foot, diving, snorkelling boat tours, discovering the skill of fishing or simply relaxing in the sun. These are just a few examples for experiencing an active and unforgettable holiday.

If you want to discover the island from a unique and exciting perspective, we recommend the kayak tour. Creating lasting memories comes through unforgettable experiences and that's precisely what a Kayak tour around Procida is.

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What to do

Our experience in kayak in Procida

In addition to having a lot of fun, with kayaking in Procida you will pick a sustainable alternative that respects the area and the environment. In full sync with the philosophy of the Procida Camp & Resort, we had to try this experience and here we tell you about it!

For the Procida kayak tour we relied on the experience of ASD Kayak Procida, which has been known in the area for years to promote the culture of paddle among residents and visitors.

Our adventure begins at Marina di Chiaiolella where Luca, our guide, explains to us the basics of kayaking and the important safety rules. After a quick but proper preparation we go into the water and the show begins!

The first sight of the sea is a great joy: it reminds us of our first time on horse , a mix of excitement and clumsiness! We move slowly , with the fear of being too rough, because the sea is in charge anyway, and we are just guests. Our guide, with his patience and his reassuring proximity, makes us understand that we must be more determined to get in tune with the flow of the waves. And so after the initial hesitation we finally let go, and it's incredible.

After admiring Punta Solchiaro, the southernmost point of the island, and Punta Pizzaco, a paradise for diving enthusiasts, we reach Corricella, which seen from the sea is something magnificent: it seems to rise up on a stage of pastel colours and we, from our boats, like on floating armchairs, we are there to admire the show. You can find out more about this and other must-see places on Procida here.

Continuing our tour we move away from the bay and here we are in the middle of an amazing spectacle. Suddenly the sun dipping into the horizon gives us an unforgettable sunset, our kayak proceeds slowly cradled by the light waves of the evening. Unmissable are the souvenir photos that Luca kindly is offering to take and that will be sent to us later, allowing us to relive those beautiful emotions once again.

All in all? A fantastic experience, really recommended for everyone, both for beginners (and also those a little afraid of the high water), and for those who are already familiar and want to fully discover this wonderful island of a thousand secret caves.

Procida in kayak: tours and routes available

Here is an overview of the excursions proposed by ASD Kayak Procida. one more beautiful than the other!

Sunrise by kayak: depart from the port of Chiaiolella, cross Punta Solchiaro and reach the bay of Carbogno where you can admire the sunrise against the backdrop of Vesuvius. plus, a dip at dawn in the quiet bay of Chiaia!

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • What's included: kayak, life jackets, paddle, breakfast
  • Period: July and August.

Discovering Corricella: start from Chiaiolella beach, a short distance from Ciraccio camp, and from there you stop in Solchiaro and Punta Pizzaco until you reach the picturesque Corricella bay.

  • Duration: 4 hours, about 10km
  • What's included: kayak, life jackets, paddle, coffee break
  • Period: all year round.

The Postino beach: the route is simple, perfect for beginners, and leads to exploring the Pozzo Vecchio beach, made famous by the famous film by Troisi and for this reason renamed the Postino beach. Find out here.

  • Duration: 4 hours, about 8km
  • What's included: kayak, life jackets, paddle, coffee break
  • Period: all year round.

A delicious typical Procida breakfast is included for all experiences, with fresh lemon lingue and coffee prepared with a mocha directly on the beach.

On request: yoga in Kayak, tour of Capri by boat and sailing and kayak, tour of Ischia.

Kayaking in Procida: useful info

Is a single or double kayak better? If you have never tried KAYAKING, it would be more natural for you to choose a double kayak to feel safer. In reality, double kayaking is more complicated to manoeuvre and requires more coordination. The instructor will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution for you!

Dress in comfortable clothing, preferably technical, or even a bathing suit because you will surely get wet! If the day is not too hot, we recommend a change.. You will be provided with a dry bag where you can store your belongings safely and dry.

Always remember sunglasses, a hat, water and sunscreen!

The kayak tour is an awesome experience for everyone, starting from 14 years old.

Stay at Procida Camp & Resort and try the kayak experience! From La Caravella you can reach the starting point at Marina di Chiaiolella in 15 minutes on foot, from Ciraccio take the bike and you will arrive in 10 minutes. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information.

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