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February 24, 2023

Procida, the 6 most beautiful beaches on the island

We want to reveal a secret: in Procida the sea is beautiful and, if you come to visit us, you can choose from 6 different beaches, moving from one to the other depending on the light and the wind.


The island of Procida, easy to get to from Naples, is the lesser known, little sister of nearby Capri and Ischia and although recently the images of the pastel-coloured houses have been seen on tv and the internet because of the allocation of the island as Italian Capital of Culture 2022.

If the best-known image of the island is that of Corricella, together with some scenes from films such as Il Postino or The Talent of Mr. Ripley, not everyone knows its beaches.

We want to reveal a secret: in Procida the sea is beautiful and, if you come to visit us, you can choose from 6 different beaches, moving from one to the other depending on the light and the wind.

Chiaia Beach

Chiaia beach is the most central beach, but at the same time also the most “isolated”. It is only a few minutes walk from La Caravella Resort and it is the one we recommend to our guests in the morning as it is the first beach to get shaded. In fact, the sun sets on the opposite side of the island.

This little paradise is largely free beach. There is only one beach with a restaurant called “La Conchiglia”. The panorama is one of the most beautiful of Procida: on the right side there is the cliff on which some houses with typical island architecture stand, on the left there is the harbour of Corricella, a small setting made up of coloured houses set between the cliff and the hill on which stands Terra Murata, the oldest nucleus of Procida. In front of it the absolute protagonist is the deep blue sea, from which you can also see Vesuvius.

How to get there

The beach can be reached in two ways: on foot or by sea. On foot it can be reached by going down 186 steps along an alley that starts from Piazza Olmo (right in front of La Caravella) or along Via dei Bagni from Piazza San Giacomo.

La Lingua Beach

Among the most beautiful beaches of Procida is the small but panoramic beach of La Lingua. Located in the Marina of Marina Grande, it is a pebble beach, unlike the other beaches on the island, which is characterized by thick and dark sand. Despite being very close to the port, it has not lost its naturalistic and somewhat “wild” charm, thanks to the rocky ridge covered with green that surrounds it. Even the water to swim in is very clean, slightly choppier and of an intense blue due to higher depths. La Lingua beach, in fact, overlooks the Procida canal, right in front of the Monte di Procida, a pass way point for maritime traffic coming from the mainland.

How to get there

La Lingua beach can be reached by taking Via Roma, the main street of Marina Grande, to the end. Another way to get to this beach is to go down along the rocky ridge starting from the end of via Bartolomeo Pagano, one of the crossroads that you will find on the left going up to Terra Murata.

Silurenza Beach

Near the harbour of Marina Grande, in via Roma on the Grotte side, there is the beautiful beach of Silurenza, ideal for families with children. There are toilets and a bar-restaurant a few metres from the beach.

How to get there

The beach of Silurenza can be easily reached on foot by going down via Roma, the main street of Marina Grande.

Il Postino Beach

Among the beaches of Procida, one of the most beautiful is undoubtedly the Pozzo Vecchio beach, on the western side of the island. This beach is also commonly called the “Beach of Il Postino” because it was here that one of the scenes of the famous 1994 film was shot, the one in which Mario (Massimo Troisi) and the beautiful Beatrice (Mariagrazia Cucinotta) meet and fall in love for the first time.

The sand of the Pozzo Vecchio beach, like all the beaches of Procida, has a dark colour due to its volcanic origin, a characteristic that gives the eye a unique play of contrasts and makes the blue of the sea even more intense. It also has a small bathing establishment, and a small beach that can only be reached by boat.

How to get there

Going down the road that runs along the cemetery, characterised by a series of small buildings and domes that recall the typical architecture of the island, you reach the small and welcoming horseshoe-shaped bay, a largely free beach. It is also known as the "cemetery beach" because of the presence of the municipal cemetery above it. It is a 20 minute walk from La Caravella Resort and no more then 10 minute walk from Ciraccio Resort.

Ciraccio Beach

Two splendid rocks, the result of a landslide on the ridge, separate the beach of Ciraccio from that of Chiaiolella.

Here the sun shines all day long, while the mistral often blows in the afternoon. It is the longest stretch of sand of the island of Procida.

Ciraccio beach is more secluded than Chiaiolella and therefore quieter, there are no beach bars and it is full of beautiful shells! The sunset seen from here, overlooking Ischia, is the most extraordinary to be seen on the island.

How to get there

From Camp Ciraccio, turn left, walk the last few metres of Via Salette... and dive into the sea!

Chiaolella Beach

Between Punta Serra and the church of Santa Margherita Vecchia, the beach of Chiaiolella, whose “real” name is Ciracciello, is the longest and most popular coastline of the island.

It is ideal for families with children. The coast is characterised by shallow waters, ideal for safe swimming, and by the presence of rocky areas. A luxuriant Mediterranean scrub makes the landscape even more intense.

As already mentioned for Ciraccio, this part of the beach also enjoys the sun all day long, while in the afternoon the mistral often becomes stronger, making the sea a little rough, but no less beautiful. In fact, from here you can enjoy a unique view of the Island of Vivara, a nature reserve, under the lights of a fantastic sunset. Behind the beach there is also a romantic dock overlooked by numerous tourist facilities, bars and restaurants. Walking along the dock or along the seafront, especially in the evening, you can enjoy the magical atmosphere of this charming corner of Procida. There are many beach bars suitable for couples or families with excellent catering services.

How to get there

From La Caravella it is about a 20-minute walk. From Ciraccio you can walk down to the beach (see above), follow the coastline and after about 200 metres you will reach the stacks that separate Ciraccio beach from Chiaiolella.

If you would like to enjoy a special holiday in Procida, check out the Procida Camp & Resort offers!

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