La Dolce Vita

The what

A private garden enclosed by an ancient stone wall; Procida Camp & Resort – Caravella is one of its kind. The garden is filled with lemon trees protecting the guests from the sun and wind.

This is how this project started. When we arrived on the island, and saw the uniqueness of this beautiful place, we fell in love at first sight. What colours, smells and impressions did she offer to us from that first moment.

This is how you experience the real vibe of Procida. This bungalow has been brought back to life using local influences and styles. We aim to incorporate as much as possible of Procida.

The how

The people behind the Procida Camp & Resort are each professional individual in their own knowledge fields, but decided to combine their strengths in this unique project.

The resort was born from a belief, that an island as beautiful as Procida deserved to be cared for with respect for its environment and surroundings, that’s why, the choice was made to restore as much as possible from the existing structures.

La Dolce Vita

Life outdoor would not be complete without an outdoor cooking experience, we have renovated an old structure and added a modern kitchen. In true style of Procida Camp & Resort.

La Dolce Vita

The why

Procida Camp and Resort – Caravella is about finding new ways to set back and relax while getting back in touch with yourself.

The Caravella camp is designed in a way that you can find a moment of peace or inspiration whenever you take a minute to relax. The concept of La Dolce vita. Experiencing time as a pleasant thing and not living in rush.

See for yourself

On a bike and boat or simply by taking a moment, we believe that open air experiences are a vital part of your holiday with us.