• By Bike
  • On foot
  • By Bus
  • By Car

Discover Procida the way it’s meant to be. The best way the see the daily life of the island is on 2 wheels, maybe with some E-power help.

Procida offers a beautiful landscape and scenery.  We suggest getting out there and discover. It’s the best way to see this beautiful island:

  • Get some bikes at Procida Camp & Resort
  • Bring water and sun cream and a head cover for some shade
  • Enjoy the day out, exploring the beautiful island of Procida.

The island of Procida, is a place where time stands still. Its small size, less 4 square km, makes it perfect to explore the island easily on foot. You can visit most sites easily, if you know where to go and how to reach the places. our staff is well informed and is happy to help out.

For more precise excursion options our staff can recommend trips around the island.

Bus is by far the simplest and most cost-effective way to move around Procida. There are 4 different bus routes that connect all of the main destinations on the island.

When you board the bus it’s important to stamp your ticket in the machine which then validates it for your journey. From the moment your ticket is validated you can use it for the next 60 minutes.

You can also buy the tickets on board from the bus driver which costs slightly more, €1.30.

Bus Routes:

  • L1 – Marina Grande (shown as “Porto” on timetables) – Sant’Antonio – Chiaolella – Sant’Antonio – Marina Grande
  • L2 – Marina Grande – Sant’Antonio – Chiaolella – Solchiaro – Sant’Antonio – Marina Grande
  • C1 – Marina Grande – Piazza della Repubblica – Cimitero – Sant’Antonio – Piazza della Repubblica
  • C2 – Marina Grande – Piazza della Repubblica – Terra Murata – Piazza della Repubblica

Driving a car on Procida is not advisable, the narrow streets that are part of the unique character of Procida, also make it very difficult to drive if you are not a local expert.

As a tourist, it is not allowed to bring your own car to the island. You will have to leave it at our suggested car parking points in Naples. If you want to get around the island by car, we suggest booking a car service through our staff.