Where to eat at Procida, our suggestions

One thing is certain: the uniqueness of Procida can also be found in the food! Each restaurant on the island has its own specialties and you will be surprised to discover the variety and flavours as you visit each restaurant. Here a round up of our fav places! and yes, we try them all.


Procida what to see and what to do

“Ed ecco la sorpresa. Un allineamento di case di tutti i colori, strette come una barricata, con tante arcate chiuse a mezzo, come strizzassero un occhio. E sopra un verde intenso, prepotente, quasi selvaggio, tanta è la forza dei getti e dei tralci: viti e limoni.”(Cesare Brandi da Terre d’Italia, Bompiani, Milano, 2006, p. 467)


What is glamping: the new trend of luxury camping

The feeling of freedom and adventure combined with the comfort of a well-kept five-star accommodation. Glamping is for today’s explorers who want to experience contact with nature without the uncomfortable aspects. Glamping is ideal for today’s explorers who want to be in close contact with nature and have a comfortable overall experience.