Boat Excursions

Day trips on our boat:

Our guests love the opportunity to experience the sea from a different point of view aboard our boat. A unique opportunity to combine adventure and pleasure, daydream, snorkel along the island and swim in the surrounding caves.

The staff of Procida Camp Resort is always available to provide valuable information to find the hidden gems during your boat trip: Corricella, Vivara, Punta Solciaro Postino and the beautiful Chiaiozza which is only accessible by sea. The relaxing effect the waves have on you, while admiring all this for sure make it worth the trip.

The dinghy can be hired for half a day (9-13 or 14-18) or for a full day (9-18).


  • June and September: half day € 100.00, full day € 150.00
  • July: half day € 125.00, full day € 170.00
  • August: half day € 140.00, full day € 190.00

We inform our guests that the dinghy is for maximal 5 people. The dinghy is 6 mtr and has 40 horsepower.  No skipper is provided and no boat license is needed for the rental. The dinghy will be available with a full tank of petrol, and we ask for a full tank upon return. Rental is available upon request, according to weather conditions and sea conditions.

Available until September 30.

Relax and enjoy this unforgettable experience, rent your large dinghy and let yourself be lulled by the waves. Procida is an island to be discovered!

Admire the beauty and the natural reserve of Vivara island in the sea around Procida.
Make a stop to swim and snorkel in various caves and lagoons.
Give your family a memory that will remain indelible.
Snap photos along the way and learn a bit about the islands, looking at it with the eyes of a sailor.

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